Damiano’s voice shines at the MTV awards and lights up with the vocal nuances learned thanks to the vocal care method


Vocal care shines more and more with the Maneskin’s victory at the MTV and VMA music award: Damiano David since the time of X factor Italy has trained his extraordinary voice with the Vocal Care method created by the Italian Coach Danila Satragno who has been caring for years the voice of the great international artists. Presented in 2005 at the Conference of the artistic voice in Ravenna, the Vocal Care method has been perfected over time, becoming famous all over the world for its effectiveness and speed of learning without affecting the originality of the vocal timbre. The results of this method can also be found in the successes of its artists since Danila Satragno has forged some of the most important voices on the international scene by finding for each the perfect individual nuances and consistencies, through a real creative process that the artists carry out alongside her, in search of her own potential and in its implementation.

Creator, founder and owner of the Vocal Care®️ method, the only approach with a multidisciplinary scientific basis for the optimal maintenance and development of the functional physiology of the phonatory system which important celebrities have relied on including: Maneskin, Annalisa, Ornella Vanoni, Jovanotti, Ghali , Tedua, Francesca Michielin, Andrea Piovan, official voice of Mediaset, Giusy Ferreri, Giuliano Sangiorgi dei Negramaro, Biagio Antonacci, Arisa, Manuel Agnelli.

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